High Priest Ordaz

High Priest Ordaz

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In the city of Aries Kraul, Bane is the divine being all goblins pay homage to, and the Church of Bane serves as his voice. As the high priest and leader of the Church of Bane, Ordaz spreads the war god’s divine decrees and protects his flock with a voice of brimstone and a fist of tempered steel.

It’s not easy to keep the masses loyal to Bane in a city so large. Supreme General Ash Hide legalized the worship of other gods, in order to keep the so-called “peace.” Gods like Asmodeus, Erathis, and Melora are free to compete for followers, and they can offer the civilians of Aries Kraul more than any god of war can counter. To make things worse, cultists like the Heretics of Maglubiyet subvert the law of Bane with open blasphemy. They speak prayers and pay offerings to a fallen god, when they should be giving Maglubiyet’s tithes to Bane, the one who overthrew and subjugated him!

Without the legal power to crush the Church of Bane’s opposition, Ordaz works openly to garner the public opinion of Bane. His predecessor, High Priest Yiggdim, marshaled the Church of Bane into a religious police force, and Ordaz continues that tradition with fervor. The City Guard of Aries Kraul follows a hands-off policy with most petty crime, so the Banite Templar are popular with the citizenry in the districts they patrol.

But Ordaz is not satisfied with entreating to the public like some craven. Someday, he will find a way to bring the city under Bane’s heel, as it should be, and all will know the glorious iron first of the God of War.

The Story So Far

High Priest Ordaz is the penultimate superior to Weredall, the Banite paladin. Weredall was mentored by the previous high priest, Yiggdim, and Ordaz continues to oversee the paladin’s progression with judgment and pride.

Recently, Ordaz gave Weredall the rank of Templar. With this honor, Weredall can invoke his own interpretation of the law on the criminals of the city, with only the barest scrutiny from his superiors at the Church. This took place before the campaign’s start, and Ordaz has yet to make an in-game appearance… yet.


Ordaz is a loud, solemn cleric of Bane. He delivers speeches, orders, and sermons in the same low, growling monotone. Ordaz favors tactics just as blunt as he is—which surprises his enemies all the more when they discover just how cunning Ordaz can be. Ordaz does not tolerate heresy or insurgency in his ranks, but he is more patient and tactful than he lets on, and can wait months for the right moment to crush deviants under his heel.

Ordaz lives a spartan lifestyle. His only vice is pride in his god; everything else is kept under a tight lid of control. Whenever Ordaz loses this control, someone around him dies… slowly. Ordaz’ murders are not just a symptom of anger; he also kills as penance to Bane for losing control, offering the life of another to sate the war god.

High Priest Ordaz

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