Excavar Mallod

Excavar Mallod

Excavar mallod

Excavar Mallod is one of the most powerful excavars of House Talekris. House Talekris is part of the Merchants’ Guild, which serves to protect its members from interference and control by Supreme General Irongaze or the Council of Aries Kraul. As a leader of House Talekris, Mallod is no stranger to business; in fact, he works harder to expand House Talekris’ economic ties than any of his peers.

Like the other tiefling merchant houses, House Talekris spends a sum of its profits in excavation and dungeoneering. Aries Kraul was built over the ruins of an ancient city of Bael Turath, and the excavars of the Merchants’ Guild vie with each other to exhume ancient Turathi tombs in search of forgotten birthrights and secrets. House Talekris stands at the head of this relic rush, and Excavar Mallod makes sure that his fellows have every possible resource at their disposal.

The Story So Far

Excavar Mallod is best known to the party through its resident tiefling, Korian. Korian was twelve years old when Mallod discovered him in a back alley on a dark, rainy knight. Mallod took pity on the orphan boy, and the two quickly became friends: Mallod the friendly mentor with connections all over the city, and Korian the young, able mercenary that would take any job or advice.

As the campaign begins, Excavar Mallod sends Korian out to find an archaeologist and scholar by the name of John Harrison. John wants to explore the ruins beneath Aries Kraul, but without an official contract with one of the merchant houses, he will likely end up on the business end of a pike in some remote ruin—the tieflings are very territorial with their quarries. Korian brings John—and the rest of the party—to meet Excavar Mallod, who has the deal of a lifetime for Mister Harrison: a key to an untouched turathi tomb, miles beneath the surface.

The other excavars of House Talekris (excavars Caveat and Quarrier) object to letting an outside party plunder the tomb, but with clever negotiations, the party wins extended rights to the vault. Mallod asked Korian to join the party, to earn a little coin and represent the interests of House Talekris. Most recently, the party sent Excavar Mallod the spoils of their first forays into the Vault of the Seven, and his bureaucrats diligently measure every Turathi coin they have returned, calculated the reward of their labors.


Mallod is a light-voiced, amiable fellow. More accurately, he’s a silver-tongued merchant. Mallod strives to be polite in any situation, the better to sway naysayers to his own ends. What ends Mallod serves are unclear, other than simple duty to House Talekris; a professional never tells his secrets.

Mallod believes in the value of luxury and largesse as symbols of status, and encourages his friends to do likewise. He disdains open conflict of any kind, and his worst nightmare is anyone who refuses to compromise or bargain. Mallod enjoys card games and prestidigitation.

Excavar Mallod

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