Tieflings of Aries Kraul

Martial tieflings 2

The tieflings of the Merchants’ Guild hold a tight grip on the markets of the city, and they use their power to every advantage they can. If you’re not one of the greats, then you aspire to become one—either by beating the coin lords at their own game, or by plundering the ruins beneath Aries Kraul for unknowable power.


The tieflings of Aries Kraul are opportunists in every respect. They’ve pilfered the nearby ruins of Aries Kraul for centuries, seeking uknowable power. When the goblins of the Scartel Trifectum arrived, the tieflings were quick to negotiate themselves a place inside of the city. Reestablishing themselves as merchants and dealers, they bought their freedom by securing goods and services that the goblin city could not normally acquire by its own means.

Early in the development of Aries Kraul, its leaders had no interest in controlling the economy of the city. Free to their own ends, the tiefling’s businesses swelled, and Aries Kraul as a whole prospered because of it. However, the allure of the ruins remains in the back of the minds of the leaders of the Merchants’ Guild. The ranks of the Guild have ballooned as tieflings flock to Aries Kraul; some seek refuge from the judgment of other civilized races, but many desire to discover their own birthrights in the ruins of old, and despite pressure from the Supreme General and his Council, forays into the old city continue to this day.


Though they constantly vie with the Supreme General over mundane issues, the tieflings of Aries Kraul have never been better off. The costs of hiring and equipping delvers and tomb raiders have plummeted, and the bipolar state of law provides ample opportunity to fence anything the leaders of the Merchants’ Guild doesn’t want for themselves. At most, some merchants complain that the costs of excavations are cutting into the real source of power—controlling the markets of Aries Kraul to make themselves as rich as tiger’s milk.

The tieflings of Aries Kraul aren’t always well received, but the City of Goblins can be less judgmental than the homelands many tieflings hail from. Asmodeus has always been a distant ally of Bane, so even the most unrepentant diabolist can eek out a living here if he has half a wit about him. Even so, the laissez faire manner of the tiefling Merchant Houses is not always kind; many tieflings are little more than street rats, making coin however they can in the back alleys of the city.

Those tieflings lucky enough to have a stable job are usually members of one of the city’s merchant houses. Some work as simple peddlers and crafters, and keep the flow of goods into and out of the city as steady and profitable as they’re able. Others work as excavators in the ruins deep below Aries Kraul, competing with other merchant houses to find ancient relics and priceless antiques for their patrons. The most successful tieflings know how to balance both goals to great effect, making them a double threat of economy and occult power. Would-be lords of Aries Kraul would best watch their step around these sly merchant princes; you never know just how an Excavar will choose to damn you.


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