Hobgoblins of Aries Kraul

Hobgoblin warcaster  commander  soldier  and archer

Hobgoblins are the de facto rulers and soldiers of Aries Kraul. Those not embroiled in the city’s blade-and-blood politics bide their time as craftsmen, sellswords, and pioneer marauders.


When the Scartel Trifectum was formed, hobgoblins became first class citizens within their tribes. The leadership of the Scartel Trifectum were all hobgoblins, and the alliance restructured the tribes into an upstanding army of Avernus. The warrior ideal overtook the beliefs of the other goblin races, and by the time the Scartel Trifectum had settled in the areas that would be Aries Kraul, the goblin and bugbear populations of the tribe were almost completely outpaced by the eager hobgoblin soldiers that joined up to be part of the great war machine.

However, as Aries Kraul was established, this sense of racial pride has slowly degraded. Bugbears and goblins have flocked to the city, drowning out the original, hobgoblin population. Tiefling merchants have seized control of the economy. And humans and shifters have risen up and taken positions within the city once reserved for hobgoblins. The leaders of Aries Kraul are sworn to protect the interests of their people before everything else. But now factions are forming, and lines being drawn, as the lords and generals must decide whether their people are the people of Aries Kraul, or the hobgoblin race.


The native hogbolins of Aries Kraul are far more advanced than their cousins in other clans, but they retain their racial bloodlust and competitive streak. Most hobgoblins spend at least a few years in the military, collecting war trophies to impress their peers. The thousands of hobgoblins who can’t afford to live like gladiators, sellswords, or professional soldiers prefer to earn jobs as craftsmen, where they can crow their skill through the quality of their work. Civilians naturally defer to soldiers in most debates, and the soldiers in turn defer to their superiors.

Hobgoblins have a strong sense of “honor,” for both themselves and their blood relations. In Aries Kraul, honor is a measure of strength, skill, and confidence. More than a dozen powerful bloodlines vie for power and prestige every day, through “court intrigue” that resembles gang warfare as much as it does civil politics. Though violence is common in these spats, honor, law, and practicality keep the body count low.

Nearly one third of Aries Kraul’s hobgoblins were immigrants from the wild tribes of the world. These tribal goblinoids come to Aries Kraul seeking the fame, power, and respect that the city emanates. Though these wild hobgoblins are as primitive and savage as any lesser goblin, they are also zealously loyal to Aries Kraul as a holy ideal. Most will spend their lives slavishly working away in the hopes that the lords of the city will recognize them and grant them the power they deserve.


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