Goblin hexer  skullcleaver  and warrior

Goblins all but flood the streets of Aries Kraul. Thousands of small, shrieking souls eager for the power of the Kraulite warlords to magically rub off on them. The rest of the population largely considers goblins to be little more than cheap labor, and even other goblins can surprise outsiders with their willingness to put each other at needless risk for small gain.

Adjusting to the city life has not been easy for most goblins. The city guard frequently combs the goblin slums for fresh slave labor—not just as a cheap resource, but also to keep the rowdy, wild goblin population under control. Wild goblin “tribes” frequently riot over the pettiest of reasons, and it takes brutal discipline to keep the chaotic and unscrupulous goblins in line.

Those goblins who have adjusted to the city life lord it over their wilder kin, and are treated like kings by their peers. Most such goblins choose instead to mingle with the human and tiefling rabble of Aries Kraul, but some set themselves up as criminal underbosses of the slums. Most are immediately slain by city guard or bounty hunters; those who do survive are a special breed of dangerous.


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