Bloodghost ambush

In the streets of Aries Kraul, wise civilians give the bugbears wide berth. While many bugbears are little more than glorified muscle, the most successful guilds of assassins, thugs, and thieves are often well-staffed by, if not led by, the bugbear elite.

For all its apparent lawlessness and freedoms, Aries Kraul is still a civilized city, and the most brutal and loud of bugbears survive for only so long before being enslaved or shipped off to war. Those bugbears that still live free are either wise enough to rein in their tempers, or cunning and ruthless enough to get away with their savage bloodlust.

Families of bugbears control swathes of territory in the slums, either for themselves or for whatever crime lords can afford them. These mercenaries hold few values beyond practical skill and a knack for discretion. While the guard of Aries Kraul consider these factions to be enemies of the state, it’s all but impossible to root every bugbear gang out, especially when many earn the private backing of less scrupulous organizations.


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