Will O'Commens

Will O’Commens

Will o clemmens

Will O’Commens is a dwarven engineer and blacksmith who works in the inner slums of the city. Despite his location, Will gets many commissions from the warlords of Aries Kraul’s noble blood, as well as from the tieflings of the merchant house. His skill with the smithy, coupled with an impressive knack for physics and chemistry, lets the dwarf complete work in every field from armorsmithing to architecture.

Many in the Guard and the Church of Bane suspect Will of being a rebel leader; and they’re half-correct. The O’Commens Work Station doubles as a safe house for noble outlaws and other unfortunates, and many rebels consider him to be the most solid means of communication between the various rebel gangs of the city.

But Will himself is content to a pacifist resistance. He’ll let younger dwarves like Tarso plan their riots; O’Commens believes that the best way to change the city is by setting a shining example of good will. What payments don’t go into improving and maintaining his workshops is poured into Will’s own charity projects, and among the local populace, Will is a spotless hero of the downtrodden and a dwarf of great personality.

Will O'Commens

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