Warforged in Aries Kraul

Warforged anvilpriest  resounder  and savage

Though not a common race, the warforged have a heavy presence in Aries Kraul, where they serve the Merchant’s Guild as quarrymen and guards.

The warforged and tieflings of Aries Kraul have been tied together since the city’s inception. Warforged require little food or drink, aren’t susceptible to underground diseases and poisons, and can be more loyal than any other race of hireling. Until the recent expansion of the Merchants’ Guild, the Merchant Houses employed warforged servants almost exclusively.

The warforged of Aries Kraul are a practical and impassive lot. They do their job, and they don’t ask questions. The warforged take pride in their effectiveness and efficiency, and become disgruntled when other people disturb their work. Most warforged occupy their spare time by taking up a second job; idle time is wasted time.


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