The Merchants' Guild

No matter what the Supreme General claims, whatever the clerics of Bane tell you, the Merchants’ Guild knows the truth. It’s the economy of Aries Kraul that makes it strong, providing headquarters for markets that most other civilizations consider obscene and evil. And the Merchants’ Guild intends to control the economy with an pact-bound fist.

The Merchants’ Guild was founded during the reign of the previous Supreme General, Savuntri Ash Hide, made it a priority to reorganize the economic structure of Aries Kraul. Supreme General Ash Hide and his council believed in a communist ideal that would put a tight rein on the independence of Aries Kraul’s merchant lords. The merchant houses squirmed under the new bylaws and restrictions on their trade, and the tieflings who survived the first round of legislation quickly banded together into a guild of politicians and courtiers powerful enough to fight the government of Aries Kraul over their rights as citizens of the city.

The Merchants’ Guild exists solely to protect the interest of the tiefling merchant houses of Aries Kraul. In the bureaucracy, it fights for the rights of merchants and peddlers against the whims of the city’s government. From time to time, its courtiers also sneak favorable deals and contracts with the government to whichever merchant house has control over it at the time.

Rumors suggest that the Merchants’ Guild also boasts a cadre of theives, spies, and saboteurs to enforce their will. Given how many merchant houses are suspected of the same, most folk wouldn’t be the least surprised if it was true.

The Merchants' Guild

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