Under Maglubiyet's Thumb

Enough tomb-robbing. Let's sign up for merc work, repair busted armor, and bust a bar wench!

- 2/4 ancient weapons placed!
- A Mysterious Stranger wants to make a deal!
- Tarso and John play handymen with ancient armor!
- Weredall, Korian and Chinook bust the shit out of Hetashi’s bar!

Cold Day in Hell
A space-wrecking shardmind, a secret poker game, and a team of ice elementals.

- Filch offers free drinks of elf pudding!
- The Guard refuses to play nice with Weredall!
- Flyra the shardmind psion joins by INEXPLICABLE CIRCUMSTANCE!
- The party tries to find an enigmatic card game and the owner of the old bar!
- Tarso knows how to read foreign languages!
- Icemen cometh!

The Caves are Alive
The Vault of the Seven, random elementals, angelic statues and screaming hellspawn!

- A magic portal takes the party to the Vault of the Seven!
- Great hot rivers of magma!
- Great hot elementals of magma!
- Korian flaunts his fire resist!
- Earth elementals stick it to Nottenlil’s backside!
- Weredall laments his lousy swordarm!
- John kills everything!
- Nottenlil decides to recruit another genasi, is not considered racist!
- A hallway of angelic statues!
- John finds things fascinating!
- Nobody was surprised by the statues that erupt into fire and scream at them.
- Devil spawned armor that refuses to die!

Strictly Business
Sewer sailing, tiefling contracts, and gearing for ADVENTURE!

- Sewer catacombs are confusing!
- John wows the party with talk of treasure!
- Korian takes the party to House Talekris!
- Excavar Mallod talks business!
- Weredall reports to people who don’t like him!
- The rest of House Talekris doesn’t like the party!
- Everybody shows off their smarts to an old woman and a robot!
- Korian takes an eighty-year-old bullet for the team!
- Tiefling contract rituals are creepy!
- The party gains permission to explore the Vault of the Seven!
- The key is a dismembered, reanimated arm!
- Tarso practices carving!
- Mining picks are bought!

When Marco Fails at Internet

- Skype keeps dropping people!
- Marco loses internet!
- OpenRPG fights to the bitter end!
- Derpo Polaris!

Let's Fight a Riot
Rowdy goblins with knives, secret passages, and irritable smugglers!

- Weredall checks for papers!
- John is a huge nerd!
- The pub has a secret door!
- Goblins are rioting for some kind of reason!
- Weredall negotiates with terrorists!
- Contraband smugglers are unreasonable!
- Tarso is locked below deck!
- Moradin says stop dying!
- Sewer pirates are actually wererats!
- Weredall is a professional knot-tier!
- Wererats collect ceramic unicorns!
- Nottenlil butchers corpses for science!

Better details later. /lazy

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